Zurich Finance Scheme 2014


Hey guys,

Anyone had a telephone interview for the finance programme recently?

Any insight into the questions asked would be appreciated.



how was your interview going? i am preparing the interview for acutuarial programme


Hi, I have applied for the actuarial programme as well and have got a telephone interview coming up. Can you give me some insight into what questions would be asked? Your help is very much appreciated!


congrats, the interview questions are similar with ones mentions in the previous recording.
why zurich why actuarial.
how to copy with criticzed comments.
how to make decision without all the information provided.
how to deal with conflicting priorities.
how to adapt others working style to achieve team goal.
how to go out of your way to meet a customer requirement.
how to manage a project under a challenging situation.
she interviewed me more than one hour.
good luck to you


hi everyone, may I ask for some help?
I do not know how to answer the following open question?

What are you looking forward to in your graduate role? How do you expect to find that within Zurich? Make sure your answer covers the following elements:

  • What drives, interests and motivates you to perform well
  • How you think this aligns to the role you applied to

Thank you very much if someone can give me some inspiration


Hi Baochun, when you say “how to adapt others working style”, is this the same as influencing others or changing their way of thinking? I just want to understand this question correctly. Thanks!



Anyone done an assessment centre for Zurich and can advise on what activities are like on the day?

I have one coming up on the 17th March in Swindon for the Finance & Accounting Scheme, anyone else?




I am preparing for an AC too - any info on what topics have been used for the Individual Presentations, Case Studies or Group Exercises would be much appreciated!


Has anyone been to zurich assessment centre for actuarial 2016 role or for previous years.
Doesn’t matter if you have been for other role. The assessment centre is same for every role
if you have then please share your experience


Hi could you please share your experience of the numerical test please :slight_smile: