Zurich Assessment Centre 2016



Hi everyone!

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I have an Assessment Centre for Zurich Insurance Group coming up on 22nd Jan. Just wonder if anyone has been to Zurich’s Assessment Centre for Actuarial Internship before. Would be great if you could share your experience!

Also, is anyone going to Zurich’s Assessment Centre in Fareham on that day? :slight_smile:

Good luck with everyone!



Would like to share my experience and some advice here to provide more information to all of you going for the AC.

I attended the AC in Swindon a few days ago and have since been given a offer.

  1. Go to the AC venue early so that you can be one of the first few candidates to arrive, therefore an easier experience for you to remember their names and also get a feel of the group since you will have to do group exercises
  2. You will be divided into two groups upon arrival. One group will have to prepare for the individual case study (for presentation) while the other group will go on for their interviews. After that, it switches.
  3. Interview may be intimidating but just I think the most unexpected one for me was “tell me a time you experience great customer service”…
  4. Group exercise, instructions are given to you in the email… Most important things are to (1)understand the task (2) its fine not to get the conversation rolling, speak confidently, know what youre saying, try not to stutter! If your team mates are rambling on, let them speak but when they finish, be like “Ok, so what you are proposing is to do this because this?” & move on with the discussion.
  5. Speed Interview: They will ask questions like “TMAT when you lost track of time while doing something”. It was a really chill experience for me, it was almost like they HAD to ask the question but it was just to size up how friendly and confident you are.

They called the next day to tell me the results although not much feedback…

If you would like a bit more insights through specific questions, feel free to pm me

Good luck!


Hi guys,

I had an assessment center at the start of January. Everyone was really nice and its a really positive experience overall. Interestingly they never once asked me why Zurich, or why had i applied for that role. However, something that really did let Zurich down was the process that followed. I was unsuccessful, yet this was something i had to realize on my own as i still hadn’t heard anything a over a week later after we had been assured that we would all receive a call the following Monday. I rang up to inquire, knowing already i was unsuccessful but hoping to get some feedback. I was told that they would be in contact asap as this was unusual. Received an email at 9pm that night with a single sentence saying I wouldn’t be able to proceed but could receive feedback if i wanted. I replied and I am still now waiting, weeks later, to receive feedback. I think Zurich would have been an amazing place to work but after being dismissed and forgotten so easily without even a phone call or acknowledgment of the effort that goes into these assessment centers really puts things into perspective. So if you guys haven’t heard after a day, don’t expect to hear anything!


Hi there,
Has anyone been offered a Summer internship with Zurich but not yet received the contracts? Its been a while since they said I would receive them.


Have you received your contracts yet? I also have an offer but have not yet got mine.


Hey Maths264, I haven’t received my contract either! Are you on the Facebook group for grads?


Hey guys, unfortunately I do not check back in on this page very often anymore. I wish you the best of luck with your interviews and ACs.


Hi everyone
I went to one of the Gen Management assessment centres in mid-Feb in Farnborough, and haven’t heard anything back from Zurich yet. Is anyone else in the same situation or has everyone who went to a mid-Feb AC got their offers?
Thank you.


Hi everyone,

I got an email saying that I successfully passed the video interview stage on Wednesday 26th October. However, they also said:
“This means that you are now being considered for a final assessment centre. Please be aware that due to the number of vacancies and the competition for this opportunity, we are unable to guarantee you an invite at this moment in time, however please be assured that your application is being considered and we will contact you again with further information shortly.”

I’m not sure how to take it…has anyone else received this email? How long did it take for Zurich to reply back?



Hi, would you be able to tell me what kind of questions came up on the video interview please?


Hi, anyone sat for the Video Interview for 2017 Grad Scheme. If so, can you guys kindly advice on the preparation needed to complete the video interview


I have a video interview coming up and was wondering what type of questions were asked?
Thank you!


I have a been invited to an assessment centre next Friday (the 9th) in Swindon and I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how to prepare for it? And to what extent the case study is numerically based?
Thanks for any help,


Hi, I recieved this email recently. Did you ever hear back?


You just need to have examples of you showing skills that they want, e.g. Leadership, teamwork, customer service! Look at their values and try and use examples that match them! Try and do it in the STAR technique, you only get 30 seconds prep so make the most of that and you can only record the videos once so make sure to be articulate and clear! Good luck :slight_smile:


I heard back from it and had an assessment centre the other day! You should get an email saying whether or not you have been successful with the assessment centre before the end of January because that is how long they go on for :slight_smile:


I was wondering if you could let me know what exactly the group exercise and case study involved as I have never been to an assessment centre before and am not sure what to expect.


Hi when is your assessment day ?


They told me they can’t let me know when it will be yet. Do you have one coming up?


I was told the same, when did you receive the email ?