Xmas & New year: Customary holidays at Big4(EY)


Hi guys,
Might be a bit early but i m planning on taking a long (10-ish days) break this Xmas & new year. With only 25, 26 and new year day being official public holidays, does anyone know if it s customary for Big4 workers to take 27th thru to 31st Dec off as well ?
To add some details I am joining EY in their audit team (first ever year, so are there any ACA exams to be taken around the time as well?)
Thanks in advance for any help !


Hi there,

From experience, the vast amount of Big4 workers take holiday between the 27th and 31st of December, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Note that you will have to actually use your holiday days. I know a lot of people also enjoy working these days because it is very quiet in the office :slight_smile:
Occasionally, one “free” day is given off around the Christmas period in addition to the official public holidays, but this is dependent on each firm and individually announced each year.

Hope this helps!