Xafinity Interview


I have a first telephone interview with Xafinity coming soon and just wondering what to expect? There’s not much info available so if anyones been through and wouldn’t mind sharing their experiences Id be very grateful!


I have the telephone interview soon and I’m in the same situation as you! Have you had yours yet or did you find anything out?





I also have a telephone interview next week for Xafinity actuarial trainee scheme and wondering on the style of the interview.


I have a telephone interview next week, how did your interview go?


Hi guys! have you had your interview yet? how did your interview go? what sort of questions were you asked?


hey guys…i’ve a phone interview coming up soon too. any tips? appreciate it much!


I have mine next week !!..has no one done theirs yet ?? any advice, hints or tips ?


Unfortunately they wait until they have conducted all phone interviews then choose the best candidates from there on so im too cautious to give out the exact questions. However, I can say that the interview lasted for me around 15min and it was the most poorly structured interview I have yet had. The interviewer asked no follow up questions to my answers and could not even answer any of the questions I posed to her at the end.

If you’ve experienced other phone interviews then you should have no problems with the questions.

Good luck and hopefully see you at the assessment centre :slight_smile:


Where is everyone applying for? I applied to the Reading branch and have an assessment day at the end of January :).
I found the interview not too bad. The guy that interviewed my was really friendly so made me feel relaxed.
Would advise everyone to know exactly what the job entails and be relaxed.
Hope you all do well!


Wat day you got your A/C on? I have mine on the 24th for actuarial.


Also I thought the interview was amazing, really nice person and it was more of a chat.

i think it is kind of obvious if you know what your talking about so if you sound confident then they prob wont bother with follow up questions.


24th-25th. Did you apply to reading as well? Wonder how many will be there.


Yea, got another A/C on the same day so that really sucks,

Hopefully ill be there, she said on the phone about dinner and games :stuck_out_tongue: that cant be bad. I reackon prob 6-8. Thats the usual format. You going up monday night?


Well done for getting another A/C though! Where for?
Didn’t hear about the games, that sounds fun! Yeah I think I might do as I’m in Swansea. What about you?


no way im in swansea doing actuarial :stuck_out_tongue:
what you studying?


That’s so strange. I’m studying maths. Do you know Jo Holland?
Merry Christmas everyone


haha small world, yea i kno jo - lol thers only 13 ppl in the class :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t know there were that few! She’s my friends house mate. Don’t know her that well.
Have you been to an assessment day before?


hello…I am about to have my first phone interview ever with Xafinity and i am a bit nervous about it (to say the least!!!)…Would you mind telling us about the questions they would be asking?