written test? what does this mean


I have been invited to take a short written test. In the email sent it said that the test “will test skills such as reasoning and problem solving”, and last about an hour. I emailed back for more information ie “is it a numerical, verbal, or a diagrammatic reasoning test? or is it like a written case study exercise”. Then the reply was " The test will be a short written test to test mental and numerical reasoning, amongst other things".

My question is what does this mean?? What kind of a test is it?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Is it with Lazard?


You may find the following links helpful; all the best. http://www.thomasinternational.net/Portals/2/PR_Marketing/Sample%20Reports/GIA%20Sample%20Report%20Dec08.pdf


Also check the aptitude test section on WikiJob :slight_smile:


its with Integer-Research for graduate industry analyst position.

I dont think its a physchometric test, as they would have said so if that was the case.

Do you not agree?


Hi There,

I am about to take this test in 3 days, can you please help me what type of test it was… It will be a great help to me.



hey there

I have to give such a test in about a week’s time, but at a different place (not in u.k) .Praveen, how are u planning to prepare for it? do u think online tests would be sufficient. Any response highly appreciated



Hey Adi,

I dont have any idea about this test, even I am searching in the web only , please let me know if you are able to find any thing on the same. Even I do the same , I will share the data If I am able to find .



@praveen : have u heard abt the GRE examination? there are lots of GRE online tests which test ur verbal reasoning…specially passage reading…it might give u some good practice…its also has a numerical section which tests basic math, but i’m not sure if the numerical section is any gud…as its easy…but definitely go for the verbal reasoning section of GRE… are u giving this test in UK? for which company ? best of luck…do let me know wat they asked and how it went…thanks…



Hey Adi,

I am giving test for Integer-research uk only on coming monday. please help me on this .

Thank you …Praveen