Wragge Assessment Centre


Hi All,

For anyone attending the 2010 Wragge Assessment Centre:

There are four days in total, with approx 7 candidates per day.
The number of contracts on offer is unknown.

When you arrive, a trainee will meet you, the trainees do not appear to be grading candidates informally. You will meet them at various stages and they are fairly laid back.

You will gather in a meeting room. There will be HR personnel (approx 3) and various solicitors. At least 3 partners will be present. You will be seated at the table. The solicitors will sit behind you. I got the impression that the one that sat behind you was the one ‘assigned’ to you for this initial stage.

There is an informal ice-breaker. You will be asked to write 3 statements about yourself. You will then read them out. Others will note whether these statements are true or false. I found it uncomfortable. No grading of this stage takes place.

The first stage will be a group discussion. This is graded. The scenario given was a list of ten options that a law firm could adopt in the currant economic environment. E.G. Improving Brand Recognition, Cutting back on overheads, Innovating, Chasing existing clients for new business. You are given 10 minutes to figure out how you would grade these (1-10). You cannot change your original grade. This is in silence. The group then has 10 minutes to agree amongst themselves. This is graded. The entire group has to agree on the grading.

After this, one of the partners will give you a brief presentation. We had a decent bloke called Bajit (apologies if I spelt his name incorrectly.) He appears to be genuinely interested in trainees and is well worth speaking to. I don’t think that any of this informal interaction is graded.

The second stage is a role play.

One of the partners will play the role of a client. You will play the role of a trainee who is filling in for a partner who is away. The client’s factory (they make wooden toys) has burnt down. No casualties! Anyway, you will have 5 mins to digest all the background info. The firm had plans to expand in partnership with a German investor. Not all the factory was destroyed. There are about 40 employees. The partner will then come in, you will introduce yourself and begin to ask questions etc. Please make sure you make clear and concise notes as these will be taken up. (no idea if they are assessed) After 10 minutes, your meeting will end. You will then have 5 minutes alone to collect your thoughts and write down a number of possible suggestions. This is graded. Try to be concise and have a few clear points. Ensure that this is reflected in what you hand up.

There is a light lunch. The day dragged out.

Anyway post light lunch there is an interview. I can’t give any pointers here, from what the others said there were different approaches taken by different partners interviewing. I am not the person to advise anyone on interview skills, in my opinion, try to relax and think out your answers before replying.

So, there are three formal stages and a different partner takes each stage.

Wragge seems to be a genuine firm, the trainees are a varied lot, it seems like a good environment.

No idea when the replies are sent out.

Lastly good luck! If any of the above does not happen, please add a further post……thanks.


Was just wondering if you could provide any insight into the telephone interview prior to the assessment day stage and the possible questions asked

Thank you