Would you be interested in a mock interview with an ex-graduate recruiter/HR Manager?


I am doing some research before setting up a company offering this service, and really need the views of some undergraduates to help me on my way.

I worked for the London office of Deloitte for three years as a Graduate Recruiter and was then an HR Manager for Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and BDO for 8 years . Again … lots of interviews for a variety of roles from marketing, finance, accountancy to IT and other support functions. I am professionally qualified (MIPD) and have (Bsc) Hons in Psychology from Southampton University.

I am now going to set up a small company offering mock interviews and interview coaching for undergraduates. In this climate graduates want to make the most of any interview they are offered and I will offer the opportunity to practice interview skills in a formal setting. This will involve an interview and then feedback. I can also advise on what sort of experience a first or second year undergraduate will need to obtain to ensure they stand out at the pre-selection stage and to ensure that they can provide the evidence a recruiter will be looking for.

So, I want to ask you:

Would you be interested in this service?

How much would you pay?

If you weren’t able to get to my offices in the South West, would you want this service on the phone or Skype?

Please feel free to add any other comments you wish to. Please be honest.

Thank you for your help!