WORST GRADUATE RECRUITMENT TEAM "WOGRETE" (Not limited to Accountancy and Professional Services Firms)

The Graduate

I have finally landed a job on a graduate scheme after numerous rejections. Ironically, the most frustrating aspect of my long and arduous battle to secure a job was not the rejections itself, but having to deal with the Graduate Recruitment Team’s who either seem to have no idea of what they are doing or do not have the common decency to communicate why on earth it is taking them so long to get back to you (not even a generic message!!!).

Now it is time for us undergraduates/graduates to unite and name and shame these so called respectable firms. I feel that we have the right to do so as a number of us would have completed tedious application forms only to be treated like peasants afterwards.

So tell WikiJobs who is the WORST GRADUATE RECRUITMENT TEAM (WOGRETE) that you have dealt with?

I imagine that their may be some repetition of firms, but this will only emphasise just how woeful these firms are so please feel free to share your opinion even though the firm of your choice may have already been commented on.

This may seem quite petty, but I am hoping that these graduate recruiters will see this and think of ways that they can improve their service to their potential employees. It will also allow people to see who THE TIMEWASTERS are and allow them to decide whether they really want to apply to these firms.

Please try and make your comments “constructive” as this is what these firms like. Please also note that this thread is not limited to Professional Services Firms (I also have this thread in the Investment Banking Forum).

Jamie W.


I shall start the ball rolling.

I know many will have different experiences and opinions to mine but my WOGRETE is…

NOMURA Graduate Recruitment Team.

Too slow to respond to my application (5 months!!!)

So difficult to get through to representatives

When I did get through, they couldn’t care less about how long I waited and couldn’t even tell me when I would hear a response.

So NOMURA, after careful consideration, I regretfully (I am not really regretful) wish to inform you that you… SUCK!

Jamie W.


Credit Suisse…


Ahhhhhhhhh wallstreetmonkey…

Credit Suisse was actually 2nd on my list because they operate a very user-unfriendly application form and I actually have an application to them where I still have not heard the outcome. The funny thing is that the graduate role I applied to has already commenced so unless they can rewind back time, I figure that I have been unsuccessful in this role.

The reason they didn’t come first was because I actually got to speak with a Nomura representative who made me feel like I had no right to disturb them. Which made me feel small. Wasn’t a nice feeling as you could probably imagine.


Hey Jialeox,

Congrats on the job(s) and thanks for the input but Wikijobs is a great place for people to vent their frustrations because they can remain anonymous.

I have been tracking your comments on Wiki Jobs. So far you have only been a member for a couple of hours and in that time it seems that all you have done is promote the company you mentioned above.

Do you by any chance work for this company? because from your comments it seems like you do. You might see it as being helpful, but many may deem it as annoying spam.