Worried - PwC Graduate Application Form


Hi nice people,

I need someone to reassure me/tell me what they think. Well I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a place at PwC this Autumn. However, looking over the pre employment screening forms I noticed the ‘gap in employment question’. Now, in the application I figured that this was only applicable if you had not been in full time education (like a career break) as it asked whether I had had a gap in employment or education of over 3 months over the past 3 years, so answered no (I have been in continual education but not continual employment), but now looking at this and looking back at the application I’m not so sure whether I interpreted this question right at all.

But even in the pre employment screening they suggest reasons like unemployment or travelling and I assumed that surely education would be the most popular reason (if it did mean gaps solely in employment) as most people don’t have continuous jobs over the whole of their university career. Have I misinterpreted the question and filled it in wrong in the first place? I figured if I have then they would have spotted it in the application form as I haven’t lied about any employment dates but maybe not. What should I do? I was thinking of maybe putting down the gaps in employment on my pre employment screening form and explaining them as education (in case I was wrong to cover all bases) but then if I did misinterpret it they might take the fact that I didn’t declare it in the original form as my attempt at being dishonest (despite the fact they could have looked at the employment dates and figured out very easily themselves so it obviously was a genuine mistake).

Thanks. I’m pretty worried at the moment and don’t want something stupid like this to screw me up!


Hi amber89,

Before getting an interview, I received an e-mail stating that there was a gap in my employment for a year and they asked for further information. I spent that year at a different university before transferring to my current course so I stated this in my e-mail response and a couple of days later they invited me for an interview.

If you tell HR about this then they will understand and stick this in your application form, but as you have a place already they’re obviously not that worried!

Hope this helps,