Worried about CRB checks


Hi, so I have been fortunate enough to get offered a job with one of the big 4 and I have an interview coming up with another. However, I am worried about pre employment checks. Particularly the CRB check as I have a caution on my record for possession of drugs. This happened three years ago, and its not a conviction, in fact the company that gave me the offer didnt even ask on their application form about any convictions!

But I wonder if anyone has any info on the chances of them withdrawing the offer as a result of the caution??? Any advice would be much appreciated


I suspect you’ll be alright, you won’t be the only person to have had a run in with the law! You might want to check with the appropriate authority if such a thing even counts for a CRB check (it probably doesn’t).


Bit of a flippant reply, Chris. Regardless of the caution and whether it “counts” the question that may be asked of AiryFairy (rather an unfortunate name given the topic under debate) is what is his current drug habit and may it interfere with his daily life?


Perhaps Airy fairy is just winding us up?


Duly noted tutor. If I was to revise my reply, I would say sit and it out and see. I suspect your past will not catch up with you in this case, but I can’t tell you for sure, not having been in this situation myself. As there is little you can do, I suggest not worrying about it in the meantime.

Do let me know what happens though- I’ll be curious to find out. When are you due to start?


Ha nah dont worry it really doesnt Im on my way to get a first and done pretty well after the incident. But thanks for the replies nonetheless! The additional problem is the fact that ICAEW specifically ask on their form if there has been any criminal issues, not just convictions, but think I might just go ahead and call them tomorrow… There’s not been an opportunity to declare it either anywhere ion application process, but the internet seems to say that I should have let them know previously??

Oh yeah and due to start in September! I guess its not working with kids or teaching, so could be ok…


youll be alright


Far be it from professional for me to say so, but at least you had a good time at university :wink:


Good luck AiryFairy. Let us all know what ICAEW say.


Hi, I’m in the same position as you. I’ve been offered a training contract and just let the ICAEW know about my drug caution.

What was the out come for you?

Question goes out to anyone else in the same postition.


Ha it was a pretty good time…

I spoke to Deloitte and KPMG and their compliance teams both said its nothing to worry about at all, which is a huge relief! ICAEW have been incredibly difficult to get an answer out of- they just said fill in the form and then they’ll assess. Not particularly helpful, to be honest.

But I guess if companies said its OK, then it must be! Apparently they only care if its ‘the crime against person’ and not property, or some dodgy bankruptcy or financial dishonesty. If your caution can be put down to ‘youthful exhuberance’, they’re not really assed. Or so the internet says anyway! Hope this helps


All sounds good. Hope/presume you now have your first and I guess you’ve graduated. Congrats.
Which firm are you joining in September? Deloitte or KPMG?


Aw hanks tutor! And yes I have (though the crappy Uni I went to, it probably doesnt count for much). Went with Deloitte, they seem to have a pretty damn good FS audit department. What do you do out of interest? Apart from spending a bit of time on this site ha :smiley:


So you still don’t know if you’ve been accepted into the institute? How annyoing, it’s so long just waiting…

They’ve got to let us know soon, my start date is in just over a month!


AiryFairy, see pm.


I know yeah, but I think it is probably because its not really worth worrying about- if you told them you were an auditor in the past and got disqualified due to fraud, they’d give you an answer quicker, surely… I used to worry a lot about it, but its only a caution at the end of the day, and its not for GBH or anything dodgy like that. I have a friend who is a barrister and he had a caution for drug possession- they made him state his case and ultimately decided it was irrelevant!
Surely that industry will be far more harsh for stuff like that! Ill keep you updated either way, and you should do the same! I reckon you’ll be fine though.

And thanks tutor!


Hey guys,

I just read your question, AiryFairy, and I was wondering if any of you knew the answer to this…

My boyfriend also has a degree in Accounting & Finance, but unfortunately he’s never had more than temporary jobs. The ideal would be to find a job where they can train him up for his ACCA, but the problem is he’s got a criminal record and a pretty severe one. It was only one conviction from 2006 for Possession of a Firearm with Intent to Cause Fear of Violence (I know it sounds really bad, but all that happened was, he was involved in a stupid road rage incident, guy chased him with a crow bar and he held a plastic toy gun up in self defence, which he just bought for his younger brother on the market). It was stupid and he probably should have reacted differently, but he did get scr*wed over in court, as they probably tried to make an example out of him.

Anyway, in 3 years time his conviction will be spent BUT under the Act of 1974 he will still have to declare it for any job applications within the finance industry. And even if not, they can do a standard or enhanced check and his spent conviction will still show up.

You read so much online about this, but it’s all in theory and I’m trying to find somewhere where they can give me practical and real advice. For instance, I know employers CAN do an enhanced CRB when hiring people in a financial position, but DO they do this all the time or do they sometimes not bother? How much importance do they attach to convictions that are not money-related? Even if they check or if they want candidates to declare it, how much of an impact does it actually have? Who can you contact at the companies themselves to ask about these things without shooting yourself in the foot?

I guess what I’m basically trying to ask is, should he write a career in accountancy off forever or is there still a change he can get into his chosen profession, even if only once the conviction is spent?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Sorry for the essay, btw. :slight_smile: