World Bank Index?


i guess it should be Cannot say. am i right?

btw, if the Change on Day is -0.03 for Yen, then Yen’s Closing Point on yesterday was 0.40+0.03=0.43. is my understanding correct?

Does anybody know how World Bank Index is calculated?
Does it has any relation with the ohter 4 columns in this chart?



I got another similar question here:

Today’s Exchange Rages’ for the indian Rpee
Closing Point / Today’s High /Today’s Low / Change on day / World bank Index
sterling 56.58 /56.85/ 54.96/ 0.34/ 53.89
US Dollar 34.82 / 36.13/ 34.82/ -0.64/ 34.51
Euro 37.29 /38.86/ 35.94/ 1.34/ 35.42
Yen 0.32 /0.34/ 0.3/ -0.02/ 0.3

  1. Which Currency loses the greates proportional value against the Rupee when using the world bank index instead of today’s closing exchange rate?

Sterling, US Dollar, Euro, Yen or Can not say

my question is we don’t know yesterday’s world bank index, how do we work out the proportional value on it?
is it cannot say again?


With regards to the first post - you are correct that you cannot say what the WBI was for the previous day and that the yen was 0.43 the previous day. I don’t really know why you need to understand the WBI in more detail - its not really important.


Thank you rob!
I am not from financial background so I want to know more. I googled WBI but haven’t got satisfied explanation. Another reason I want to know WBI is from the second question. It looks WBI has some relation with other 4 columns. But as my understanding WBI is just a kind of standard issued by third party organization.


yea thats exactly what it is - a third party standard. I really wouldnt worry about it. The important thing at this stage is that you can calculate the answer


With regards to post 2, use todays closing point as the starting basis. If we look at sterling, by using the WBI the numerical change is 56.58-53.89=2.69. Therefore the proportional change (loss) by using the WBI is 2.69/56.58=4.7%.

With Dollars, the proportional fall is 0.89%. With Euros, the fall is 5% and with Yen the fall is 6.25%. The answer, as would be my understanding, is Yen


thank you rob!
the question is ambiguous. it’s saying not to use today’s closing exchange rate. but you just used it to calculate the loss.
but i agree it’s the only solution we can work it out.


Hi I’ve seen a similar question to the first one posted in this thread. In the one I got, in addition to the info you have there, I was told that the Closing Price/World Bank Index ratio was constant. With that additional bit of info you are able to solve it.

Relationship: 0.38 / 0.40 = 0.95

Yesterday: x / 0.43 = 0.95
Therefore x = 0.4085 or 0.41

These questions come from a bank of 100s of different questions, so you might get this one next time round.


Hi everybody!

Is anyone there who has done SHL online screening test and screened-dumped the questions? I’ve done SHL online practice test and now I’d like to know to which extend SHL practice test is different to real one. Is anyone there who could tell me?



It’s very similar - just different questions! Have you tried the WikiJob practice tests, here -


Thanks, yep I’ve tried the WikiJob practice tests. I think that they’re good practice but some of them are quite different to SHL as for example the question at the end about GDP, inflation and so on…But anyway if someone is there and has screen clipped SHL or some other psychometrics online tests please let me know!