Working Dress Code (Men Only)


What should one wear to work if the firm’s policy on dress is “smart, business casual”? Does that mean suit and tie are required at all times?

Sorry if this question sounds stupid.




When I got an invitation for PwC assessment center it said smart business casual, but almost all employees and candidates were wearing ties. The grads there said they basically have a tie with them but never wear it, so take it along ;-).


Simple (said with Meerkat advert voice). Wear a suit and tie on day one. Then remove tie and jacket if no one else is wearing suit and tie. Change dress code on day two according to outcome of day one.
Client dress code can change from client to client. Check before you go on audit.


“smart, business casual” is as littlelegs says

however for an interview whatever they write down always wear a suit and a tie!