Working at Accenture: what's it like?



Following on from another recent post in the Consulting forum here - - I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding working in IT consulting, at companies such as Accenture and IBM.

Furthermore, a question from the Accenture online application seems to be troubling some applicants. How would people tackle:

Describe what your day to day tasks and activities might be as an analyst on a project at Accenture?

All suggestions and thoughts are much appreciated.

Many thanks…

Ed :cool:


Hi Redsuperted,

There is a lot of information available at this IT Consultants’ forum. A quick search should probably do the trick since consultants working for these companies often share their experiences with projects, companies and the recruitment process itself.


…a good resource but it would be good to have some more up to date information on here!


You will have to travel a lot.that’s the scary point.:frowning:


I have a friend who works in Accenture. He spends 3 weeks out of 4 in texas, and that’s only because he managed to make a deal with them to let him stay in the UK for the foruth week.

Lots of hotel rooms and nights in with you and your laptop!