Work Experience gap on CV


I graduated in 2008 with a 2:1 in Business Studies, and remained optimistic that I would secure on to a graduate scheme, and with this optimism I didn’t get a temp job, but rather stuck out applying to many grad schemes. I’ve had partial success by getting to Assessment Centre’s and getting through to online tests, but have not managed to secure a position as of yet.

I am worried as I have spent my time technically ‘unemployed’ from April 2008 to present, and wanted to know whether this is really detrimental to my applications and whether it would be best to settle for a temp job until i get that final breakthrough?

Thanks in advance for your advise… anything will be helpful atm as this is constantly playing on my mind!


It’s a bad idea to leave empty space on a CV - or to admit that it’s taken you over 9 months to secure a job. Companies will worry about that.

You could secure a temp job - that would be fine.

If you don’t want a temp job, or need the extra pocket money, in your position, I’d consider what I had been doing with my time and make a big deal out of it, or start a project now, and make a big deal out of it.

E.g. Perhaps you’re a keen rock climber and go climbing at weekends. On your CV you could put:

  • April 2008 - February 2009 - Year Out: Rock Climbing
  • Trained for Three Peaks Challenge and raised £2,500 for Cancer Research.

Or something like:

  • April 2008 - February 2009 - Year Out: Mechanics project & Travelling
  • Renovated a 1977 V.W.Beetle wreck and sold this for £3,000
  • Used this money to travel through Europe and learn basic French and German.

Essentially, never say “I’ve been doing nothing”. Even if all you’ve been doing is watching Trisha all day, every day, smoking and drinking tea, say something like: “Researching contemporary attitudes to social ethics”… you need to sell yourself. See what I mean?




Yes that’s exactly what I have been wanting to put down.

  1. I have been working with family on renovating some rental properties,
  2. Been traveling across Europe by car (even though it was for only 3 weeks!)
  3. I also (cheekily) thought of adding to my CV that I have spent time abroad in Vancouver (where I have a close family base) and been working for a cousin who has a foster home and a bar… could say i have been working and living there.

All this is true apart from the last statement… I am hesitant of putting this in case I get caught out or something, like if they (for some reason) ask for flight details etc… I was also thinking of getting a reference from my cousin there to back myself up if need be. I know this is a sin for CV writing, but want to know whether this would be possible to put in (taking out the moral dilemma)?