Woolworth Assessment Centre


I have been booked to attend a Woolworth Store Manager assessment centre, on Wednesday 19/11/2008. I am just wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on the format and the assessment exercises and activities involved.

Thank you


You might have to be the guinea pig on this one! I would imagine you’ll get a group exercise, individual interview and some kind of test - I’d suggest you swot up on [[commercial awareness]] in particular stuff like what’s going on right now with retail sector in general, look in to BHS, be prepared to make suggestions on how Woolworths could improve their direction, etc. Have a look at the general article on [[assessment centre]] too.

Congrats for getting through to the assessment centre - what were the previous assessment rounds?


I am not familiar with the assessment centre but from the section on “Store Managers” they give you an idea of what they want:

So I would suggest to think about how you can show these skills in practice.


Thanks a lot Redsuperted for the valuable information, . As for my previous assessments rounds, I attended 2: one with Starbucks and one with Reed in partnership for Executive Officer position. I will be more than happy to share any information about these assessment days with anyone, just give me till Wednesday…
Thanks again…


Ah I meant, did you have any previous assessment rounds for Woolworths, or is the AC the first :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks though - we will greatly appreciate your info on Starbucks and Reed

If need more help - shout. If you don’t, the very best of luck!


Thank you mambo for the very handy web link, I found it very useful…


Sorry, I misunderstood the question…!! it is my first with Woolworth…
I will certainly be bothering you, if I need any help.

Thanks a million


I’m guessing you’re buggered now then…?


Unlucky mate


lol sorry, just the thought of companies going bust makes me wonder how many graduates are in the same situation!imagine someone whos received a contract and just about to sign and post, then bam, company has gone bust!

just the thought would make me wanna strangle the interviewer…even though its not his fault clearly…still…


Someone will buy, still. The brand has a value.

All Good still needs to start applying elsewhere though. I don’t recommend, Wickes, DSG Group, Homebase, or BHS. Or any retailers. Except Tesco.


LOL well now ur well and truly screwed!! Woolworths has no real image and was never going to be bought out as it doesnt offer customers anything different.


Get your facts right buddy, the Woolworth brand has just been relaunched as an online order business…and as for me I am no looser like those who get a kick and a buzz out of other people misfortunes…Woolworth was a valuable experience for me and I did learn a lot from it and it is ALL GOOD now, I got a job offer that I am extremely happy with.


It was a setback…and I bounced back thanks to the very encouraging messages I have received from a number of very supportive members of this forum…


I just want to share this good news with good people like you, I was offered a management position with a good retailer, I will start training next week, inshallah (God willing). Thanks Redsuperted for your guidance and support…


Well done!

Who’s it with? Can you share the interview feedback?!



Thanks fcuk19, it was tough but I learnt that I should never put all my eggs in one basket…!! I kept knocking on doors and eventually I was offered a good job with a good retailer, wish me luck with this new job and Thanks again to you and to all the positive folks from around here…


I am going to write assessment test at woolworths. what are possible questions, i may be asked for a position of being a cashier or sales assistant?