Willis Towers Watson Video Interview (using HireVue)

Willis Towers Watson


I applied to Willis Towers Watson’s Human Capital C&CM Consultant Graduate Programme and have got an email email inviting me to take part in a video interview.

The email says “You will have an on demand video interview using HireVue. This software will allow you to give a video interview in your own time, at any time of the day.”

I would like to ask if anyone has taken this interview or any interview with Willis Towers Watson and what questions were you asked during the interview?



how did you find the interview?


Did you ever get feedback on this? I’m about to do mine- what can I expect


Hey I was wondering what types of questions they asked in the video interview? I have one tomorrow.


hey, what questions did they ask, do you remember?


Hi, i know you took the exam forever ago, but would you please share your experience of the digital interview? Thanks :slight_smile: