Willis Towers Watson 2020


Starting a thread to discuss anything related to Willis Towers Watson graduate applications for roles starting 2020


does anyone know how long it takes to hear back from vid interview?


I did my video interview on the 4th October and still haven’t heard anything back, no indication on the website as to when the AC’s will be held so not really sure.

I am thinking of emailing and asking when they are expecting to let us know the outcome


I completed mine on the 9th, lets keep each other updated!


which service line did you apply to?


yeah man, i’ll let you know if i get anything through. And I applied for Reinsurance actuary role, how about you?


Global services and solutions


Hey all,

I applied for talent consulting and did my video interview on the 7th and heard back just this afternoon


Has anyone heard anything about Assessment Centres?


For what stream?


Talent consulting


Hi Benedicta_Asare,

what role did you apply for and have you been ivited for the final stage face to face VI?

i completed my VI a while ago and they said i had passed and they would let me know about the final stage but havent heard anything yet



I applied for talent consulting but I’m yet to hear anything after being emailed to say that I had passed the VI


Any updates??


Anyone has gone to the AC?
I would appreciate some insights