Will you work in Reading or London


KPMG in Reading and Deloitte in London
What is your choice?
In terms of starting salary and working environment and city culture, what kind of choice will you make? Thanks


This April I was considering the exact question. I went to the first interview with KPMG in Reading, and although the office and the people were very nice, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to adapt so well to life there (in Reading in general) after 3 years living in London. So I chose Deloitte London in the end.


yeah, i’d always take london over any other city.


Do people ever commute into Reading from London? After all you would be going against the commuter flow…


It’s possible. It’s still a relatively long commute though. Plus, you wouldn’t be getting a London weighting on your salary, although you would be paying London rent prices…

Still, I’m sure living in London would be more exciting than Reading though!




I went to Reading Uni and spent time doing my masters there too so have a decent idea on what its like. Am selecting to work in London over Reading however mainly because i have been reading a while now and its time for a change.

Ofcourse London is more exciting than Reading, but thats the same over most towns/cities really. There are many IT companies aswell as all the bigger Professional services firms in Reading too so there are young professionals around. Also quite nearish to the trainstation by town and Caversham there are nice modern flats/apartments for all these people to stay.

The commute is not long at all…25mins direct fast train to Paddington, and best of all its so frequent you dont have to check any times prior to leaving. i have found on many journeys i spend longer on the tube getting somewhere in london than i do getting from Reading-London. By car it is also fast, however depends on traffic and whether its rush hour ofcourse, in which case its a nightmare. Surprisingly (so i thought at the time) there are many people who live around London and work in Reading…when taking back from Paddington -> Reading around 5/6oclock I see many people suited up on the train and getting off at Reading.

In regards to salary being scaled up for London rather than Reading, I don’t believe this is by a great factor (if any), a mate at mine in KPMG reading said it was equivalent to London Salary…and said that was a plus point for selecting Reading opposed to other regional offices.

If you are however after the capital city lifestyle London brings then i dont think anything would match that, however with regards to the other points mentioned (salary, commuting etc), Reading doesn’t really fall short in my opinion.

I hope this helps…


London over Reading definately! London city is where all major business, commerce, industry and finance is at. Countless companies headquarter there and it is much more international. There’s that and all the museums, bars, restaurants you could ever go to. There is always something to do London whereas Reading is a much smaller place. If you want a quieter cheaper life then by all means choose Reading.