Will the company give an offer to a student who achieved a 2:2 (57%) at undergraduate with a good Master?



I have achieved a 2:2 in my undergraduate degree but it was very close to a 2:1 and I am currently studying a good master which will also allow me to do CFA Exams, will my application be considered by the company at the online application stage because I haven’t met the Minimum 2:1 requirement?

Many thanks.


Hi Yanran, i’m unsure if you’re seeking a job or whether you’ve gone on to do a Masters. Whether the firm will accept a lower degree usually depends on a couple of things:

  • Whether you had a chance to impress in any other ways through the process e.g at interview
  • How many other people have hit the grades required

In any case, if you’ve a 2.2 and the right attitude you’ll find a firm in order to pass your professional exams -it just may be that it’s not your first choice.