Will Postgraduate Qualification improve Undergraduate 2:2 degree


Will Postgraduate Qualification improve Undergraduate 2:2 degree


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I am just wondering that if I did get 2:2 from my undergraduate studies and then I would complete postgraduate studies like for example Msc would it imporve my job prospects. Would employer be still looking at my undergrad degree or they would mainly focus on my postgrad qualification so that for example if they had minimum requirements 2:1 degree undergrad but I would have postgrad qualification would I be able to apply for the jobs with my 2:2 undergrad degree. Your help would be very appreciated. Thank you.


a good post-grad result will go a long way to fix that mess!


what A-Level grades did u get? Abover 300 Ucas points and i would say postgrad would help, less than 280-300 and i think its against you.


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Thanks for replies. Well, to say I have done my secondary education (A-levels) in other EU contry and is completely unrelated to the course that I study now at uni - International Business with language. My A-levels were not that great not sure about the comparison rate to UK standards. Would my A-levels be still interest for employers in my case? Thanks for your help


Yeah they use A levels as a screening filter, you need 280/300 UCAS points minimum which translates to BBB or ABC or higher roughly


I would say yes, but it is difficult to get a place on a good masters course without a 2.1.

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Thank you guys for your comments.


Sorry to buck the trend - but I’d say no. If an employer asks for a 2.1 they’re unlikely to consider a 2.2 candidate with a postgrad qualification unless there are some serious mitigating circumstances for the 2.2 and you perform considerably better on your postgrad studies. Having spoken to a number of recruiters (all be it in one particular profession), they have all told me that postgrad qualifications makes very little impact on the success of an applicant except for in very exceptional circumstances.

I wouldn’t spend the money doing a postgrad course of your only reason for doing so is to make yourself attractive to recruiters. If, however, you have a particular passion for the subject and would pursue it at postgrad level due to the passion alone and regardless of your degree results then that’s a different kettle of fish.


Do you think that employer would consider 2:2 Uk degree under circumstances that students fist language would not be english? Because I think that for student that had to learn english and then started studying at Uni, for him/her the Uni must be twice as hard as for student who is native speaker of english. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks


to be honest i dont think employers are really that understanding, if your going to a UK university they have english requirements if you didnt meet those you shouldnt really have got onto the course.

i got crappy alevels and i just get rejected straight away. employers normally want to see good grades throughout theyre gonna invest a alot of money in you so you can understand why.

Have applications for masters courses closed generally? i was thinking about it have i missed the boat



From my experience of applying for grad schemes, a 2.1 in a first degree and enough UCAS points are essential. Granted, some specialist grad schemes may actually ask for a masters, but lots don’t. I applied to PwC last year having just completed my MA for which I got a distinction - in the two interviews I wasn’t asked one question about it, nor was it mentioned in general conversation. If you have mitigating circumstances which can explain a 2.2, and which the firm you are applying for accept, then you probably needn’t do a masters, yet if it is language related problem which explains a 2.2 then I am not sure what to suggest… I know that if I was in a foreign country doing a degree I would get nowhere close to a 2.2, so well done for that, but like someone above said, many employers are not very forgiving when it comes to lower grades - especially given the ratio of applicants to jobs :0

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Personally, I think the best way to make up for a 2.2 undergraduate degree is by putting extra time and effort into gaining extra experience - and finding employers who are more flexible about academic qualifications.

I would also ask serious questions about why you got this 2.2 - especially are you say your A-levels weren’t great either… Is it time to accept that perhaps you’re just not the studious kind? ; ) In which case, why don’t you make use of your other skills - and stop trying to squish yourself into a round hole, if you’re a square peg! ; ) Look harder to find employers who value your personality and creativity above diligence… (Are you a sales and marketing person?)

I wrote a piece for the Scotsman about this, which you might find interesting? http://bit.ly/bDQPIv

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Well if you got Experience then 2:2 shouldnt matter

I got a 2:2, i am abit annoyyed but owell. I got experice and some other certificates and also i got 340/345 UCAS points.

I wouldnt do masters as it isnt that a big deal because you need experience in these tough climates.

Key point to remember, is you need a strong CV …have keywords, make it simple and sharp, …usally within 30 seconds employers dont bother to read further on.

If you dont have experience then do a masters on the basis that you will be able to apply for 6 month placements midway. Therefore when you have finished you have some experience under your belt.

Fees are increasing so masters sounds like a ok idea for now.