Will my visa situation affect my job?

The Graduate


Hi, I currently received a phone call from my interviewer saying that I am offered the job for this year’s entry. I am now holding a Tier 2 dependant visa which enables me to work without sponsorship. Currently the visa expiry date is in Feb, 2019, so it does not cover the whole 3-year period of the graduate scheme. My visa is dependant on my husband’s working visa, so when he extend his visa in Feb, 2019, mine can be extended as well. His role is a permanent one so there shouldn’t be any problem for him to extend the visa. My question is will this situation be a big problem for me?
Thank you!


Hi, have you spoken to your interviewer about it? It sounds like you’re probably not going to have a problem extending it, but maybe if you speak with them they can put your mind at rest?


Thank you for the advice! It shouldn’t be a problem to renew my visa before expiry and I have emailed the recruitment team already and waiting for a response.


No worries :slight_smile: That’s great, I’m sure they’ll be able to help and reassure you too.



I suggest you speak to the Student Recruitment Team who will be able to go into more detail for you.

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