Will ACA help?!!


Hi there

Does anyone know whether having the ACA qualification will help with other industries. I am currently studying for the ACA, but am having second thoughts - I just don’t know if accountancy is for me.

My other career option was PR, inparticular financial PR.

What I need to find out is how much having the ACA will help me within that industry. Should I stick ACA out, with the 24/7 studying and ridiculous exams, for 3 years as it will be a definate asset to me in whatever I do next, or do I cut my losses sooner rather than later and pursue a different path?

If the ACA is a real asset to getting a job in PR, then it is definately worth completing - if it doesn’t impact that much I am not so sure…

Any advice would be appreciated.



Well if ACA was an asset for PR everyone in PR would be sitting ACA!! Seriously, ACA is a wonderful business qualification but probably not too relevant for PR. They have their own professional qualifications.
How far on are you with ACA? Have you finished Professional Stage? That would seem a good time to stop if you are really sure about changing to PR. What happens if you don’t like PR? Have you had any work experience in that area? Whatever happens I don’t think you should leave accountancy until you have another job lined up.
Lots of people leave accountancy. Many slog it out because frankly if you can get past the first year it begins to get better and once you get the ACA you can go off and choose something more exciting than tedious auditing.


Sorry, my mistake. You said financial PR. That is a hugely different thing. Yes, stick with the ACA as it will be very useful. A lot of finacial PR folk can bullshit very well and have no financial qualifications. You will be much better placed with ACA.
Have you spoken to any financial PR firms. Presume you have done a lot of research?


This is an interesting company. Have a look.