Will a mater improve your job prospect when you have a 2:2 (57%)?


Both of my GCSE and A-Level were good and I was so close to getting a 2:1 in my degree… I am doing a good master at a good uni now, will that going to make up my 2:2 when I apply for jobs at big companies?


Hi there, undoubtedly yes. Employers know that sometimes people don’t quite get the grades they want and deserve, and often you’re only as good as your last result! If you nail your Masters explain what happened in your degree and evidence your usual abilities in GCSE and A levels.

At the end of the day, exams are a key to open the door to a company and a job. Once you’re inside it’s all about how you work with others and what you get done.


The only caution is that some employers will apply a fairly rigid criteria ie no 2:2 even if you do have a Masters. I don’t necessarily agree with that approach but it’s a tool they may use to filter their application numbers downwards. I hope this helps your understanding before you make your decision. It may be worth exploring the percentage of employers that will accept 2:2 in advance. Good luck!