Wilkins Kennedy Assessment Day

Wilkins Kennedy

I have an upcoming assessment day at Wilkins… can anyone give me hints and tips. Thanks


I also have one but not too sure on what to expect, very little on it. Where is yours for?


hey, I’ve got an assessment centre on the 13th, and was told that the only one. In fact, it wasn’t even described as an assessment day, just a recruitment day, so not sure what to make of it really. Regarding the day, I know that we have a group exercise, a partner interview and a lunch with various other trainees and partners, but that information is accessible via the website neway… btw i’m applying for the hertford office.


I’m applying for Reading. I can’t find much on the day, not sure what to expect regarding the group exercise. Can anyone shed any light regarding the actual graduate programme… is it general accounting trainee and not specifically audit.