WikiJobs - Running on Drupal?


Quick question - is Wikijobs running on Drupal, and which version? 5? Just wondering as I’m considering using Drupal and having a look of what functionalities other Drupal sites have implemented.


Yes. We do. What site do you run/will run?


Sorry I can’t tell!!! It’s in early development stage and potentially a money making idea, so non-disclosure applies.

I’m using Drupal 6 and it needs heavy customisation to do what I want unfortunately, so getting my hands dirty with some PHP. Coming from a Life Science background, the learning curve will be huge! Might have to bribe some nerdy friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Drupal is quite confusing to use at first too! First time I use it.


Not anymore. WikiJob is now running on NodeJs + AngularJs :slight_smile:


And from now on, it’s running on Discourse! :slight_smile: