WikiJobbers! Please tell your university careers service about us!



Thank you so much for continuing to use us, contributing to our wikis and our forums in ever increasing numbers every month!

WikiJob is becoming an amazingly comprehensive and useful resource for anyone looking for a graduate job - and that is simply fantastic!

The more people that use WikiJob, the better the information will become and that’s why we need your help!

If you like us, please, please, please, tell your friends, other students and most importantly, your ‘’‘university careers service’’’ about us.

Careers offices only support websites their students use - but they only find out about these websites when their students tell them!

Next time you’re in your careers office, please mention that you use WikiJob. Or even better than that, send your careers service an email telling them to check us out :slight_smile:

Most careers services have an email address like this - careers@[university] - and they like to get your feedback.

So if you have a minute, please help!

Thank you!
WikiJob (:P)