WikiJob wants to hear from you!



WikiJob would love to hear from students and graduates who have completed a work placement or internship in the past few years. 

We want to hear all about your experiences, the skills you have gained, and what you’ve taken with you from the experience. Perhaps your internship or work experience confirmed your desire for a particular industry? Or maybe it made you realise that you wanted to pursue a different path? We want to share the lessons you have learned with fellow students and recent graduates who are keen to know more about the role of work placements and how they can assist in launching their career. By sharing your story with us, you could be chosen to feature on a new ‘testimonial’ section of the WikiJob website (you can indicate whether you agree to this or not).The new page will feature comments from students, graduates, and even graduate recruiters, about how WikiJob has helped students and graduates with their career search over the years. 
 If you are happy to share your story, please click here to respond!
Any advice or input that you can offer will be a great resource to others. Please let us know if you have any feedback by emailing us at
Thank you