WikiJob users wanted to be interviewed for BBC News!


The BBC are looking for a recent graduate who is struggling to find a job in the city to take part in a relatively quick television interview scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

You will be asked about your current job search struggle and the footage would be used on the BBC News on Wednesdays morning, when fresh unemployment figures are released which will show another rise in unemployment.

A BBC film crew are on hand to visit you at your home on Tuesday (tomorrow).

If you would like to take part please contact with your personal details and phone number.






lol cool!, probably you should have spammed the other parts of the website so more people would see it :slight_smile:


Spam our own site? Now there’s a thought! …we went on ourselves in the end. If you fancy being on, send me your details. Next time the beeb call up I can put you forward!


haha i’ve just seen this! i think its a scam to get girls’ numbers!!!


In that case it was pretty unsuccessful!


lol! i do agree with the spamming bit! do you get contacted often by the media??

actually, i’m sure all the info is availabe on the site, but what exactly is wikijob and what do you (redsuperted) have in connection to it? i thought i was an extension of wikipedia till i saw that you offer cv advice and all that. sorry to hijack the thread!


Yes, we get contacted often. Have a look at the [[About Us]] section. There’s a video explaining what we do!

We’re unrelated to Wikipedia. A wiki is a generic word for “fast”, not a brand name. I guess you could say “wiki” is like “cola”. You can have Virgin Cola, Tesco Cola, Pepsi Cola, and of course Coca Cola. Wikipedia and WikiJob are different types of cola… but there’s more than that obviously, because the information is totally different!