WikiJob Site Styling


What do you guys think of the current ‘style’ of WikiJob? We’re thinking about making it a little bit more web 2.0, rather like facebook or twitter, and less like wikipedia. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?



No it is meant to be factual - I like it as it is

the new facebook is appalling…


Hi Chris (and ed),
I think the fundamental style is fine. But it could probably do with some tweaking. The info wiki-pages occasionally have some formatting issues.
I would prefer the title of the pages to be a different style to that in the text… currently the title is the same size and font (+bold) as the heading1 (??) style in the wiki text.

I would personally get rid of the option to comment on the wiki-pages, and just have a link directing people to the relevant forum. As to me it devalues the page a bit, having an unanswered question lying there as invariably very few people see it.

cheers, Ucayman.
P.S. Is there a way to get an email notification when someone sends me a private message?


That’s good to know. We’ll take that onboard. Guess the styling stays!

I’ll look into the private message thing- it used to work under the old version of software we were running- I need to check if we can get it in the new version- will let you know! :slight_smile:


If it aint broken then don’t fix it :D. I think the structure of the site is fine, and I haven’t had any problems with receiveing emails




Ok that’s good to know :slight_smile: Less work for us!


Actually, is there anything you would like to see? Or anything that really annoys you, or you think is holding the site back?


why does trader1984 keep posting posts with just a . in them?

I tried editing some wiki pages but got confused and even after saving the pages didn’t show up :s a guide maybe?


nothing major springs to mind but I will let u know if I think of anything or come across any problems. The only extremely minor thing I can say is that the area which displays whether or not you have a private message is located all the way near the bottom of the left panel. Now this isn’t a drastic problem but it just means that sometimes I forget to scroll down and check this area and so I may not notice a private message until a little while after I receive it. Perhaps it would be better if this was moved more to the top of the page so it is immediately visible. Again this is only a very minor issue for me personally.


sorry for the dots, just trying to keep the posts alive. I’ll stop it :smiley:


I have figured out how to get the email alerts for PMs working again.
When you go to the private messages page there are 3 tabs at the top right, when i click the right-hand one ‘Email Notify’. then click the ‘yes’ option/radio button (which was already selected), then save. and I magically now receive alerts of PMs.


We did a site upgrade (just some software that in the background) a few months and loads of things broke- some things are just so subtle though that you never notice until someone points it out! Thanks for the feedback though, it’s a lifesaver!


Love the styling. It’s a bit like Craigs list, simple and easy - no need to be cluttered or designed for me. Like the new video too but have you seen other sites like guardian jobs, careertv or careerplayer? i think they’re quite a bit better than the people you’ve currently got and surely wiki deserves the very best! i doubt they’d even charge as it would be great for them to partner with the number 1 grad site!!!


Thanks for the praise :slight_smile: We’ll look into it- career player is a very nice guy so maybe we can strike something up!