WikiJob Interview Training


Hello - I just wanted to find out if anyone here had been on the interview training courses Wiki are running, and if so what you thought of them?


They the Assessment Centre training ones you talking about? (I haven’t been on one)

Tbh I would tell people not to waste their time with it. The exercises can be read about / researched on the web or in books. The fee also is extremely expensive, its insane that some people are actually buying into it.

I would suggest you just go to a normal graduate AC (if applicable) and do it (experience) for real yourself!


I somewhat agree with Knowslian. There is a lot of great information on the internet about how to train and prepare for an interview. I contribute to a interview resource site which I think provides good information for the personal researcher so you might find it helpful.

But I don’t think that interview training courses are useless. Many people do not have the time or know how to do all of the research necessary or a situation to do enough practice on their own. So I think it depends on the situation.


Has anyone actually been on a course? It would be really useful to get your insight.