Why work for a regional office?


Why would someone want to work for a regional office instead of London in a big 4?

I was thinking that the regional office will have a different kind of client more entrepreneurial, what are your thoughts?


At my regional office, everyone has chosen to work there for simple convenience! For example, having gone to uni in the area, knowing people in the area, living nearby, etc.

I also prefer my city to London.

I can’t think of any benefits for me in working in London.


But it is true the cliente is different outside. More family/entrepreneur companies which are a much nicer place to work.


Not really. The companies i have worked on so far have all been FTSE 250 companies which you would have heard of. I don’t think there will be many family companies who need/can afford to have the big four doing their audit (I may be wrong about that).


If it’s for audit, it makes a very big difference! I personally much prefer my regional office because I get a wider range of clients than my colleagues in London. I have some very big clients and some significantly smaller ones but I get to experience all sorts. I know someone in london who is auditing a major bank the whole year round and i just don’t think he will get the well rounded experience i will. Hours are also much better in regional offices. Also, you get more responsibility earlier since you are dealing with smaller clients and so fewer people on each audit.