Why Rawlinson & Hunter and not one of the big four?


I have got an interview coming up with Rawlinson & Hunter. One question they will ask me is why I have applied to them? and why not one of the big four firms?

Few points I can mention are:
Their fees per partner is up their with the big fours.
More variety in work (however, I am applying for a role in a audit dept)
Shorter assignments (Good or bad?)
They score very highly on client retention.
I can talk about firm’s clients sectors

Is there anything else I should mention?

Why not big fours?
I am confused regarding this question. Please help me.

Thanks for your help in advance!!!


Hi how did your interview go?

I got notified a few hours after that I had made it through to the assessment centre!



I have a first interview tomorrow for the graduate scheme and I feel really nervous!!!Can you please tell me what questions they ask??? Like competency-based or strength-based questions?? Thanks a lot for any advice given! :slight_smile:



Mine was basically CV based: why your uni, course, a levels and qus about extra curricular activities. Then I was asked some standard competency based qus: team, leader, problem, different working style. Then that was pretty much it and a brief chat about why the aca and why the firm. It was very relaxing so dont worry!


how did your interview go?


Anyone have any experiences with the paper based numerical test?