Why IT


Hi everyone, this seems a stupid question but unfortunately you would have to pardon me as I don’t know what exactly these employers want about this question. I have answered this the way i honestly believe but seem to cost my application. Please does anyone have an example answer that had been successful in the past. I am seeking help before failing another application. Thank you


Honesty is the best policy. You just need to communicate how entusiastic you are for the job and the profession. This should be easy, if you really are enthusiastic for IT and have a passion for it.

Think about explaining yourself in terms of these points in application and at interview:

* The growth and development opportunities available to graduates in IT;
* The potential to learn about IT;
* Working with some of the very smartest people;
* The extremely challenging nature of the job;
* Working in what you believe to be the perfect environment to use the skills you have practised and honed over the past 5 - 10 years.

Thanks Redsuperted, I have thought about these reasons but just paranoid about what the interviewer might think. I really appreciate the time you spent writting this. Thank you.