Why Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs

For those of you who have already worked there or have had internships, what are some of the things that the guy at Goldman Sachs like to hear when you are getting inverviewed there for the question “Why do you want to work for goldman sachs”.
Besides the fact that they are the most competitive, best, and best-paying… what would be some of the reasons that would impress your interviewer?



do NOT use the “best paying” thing…


Gold Men Sex.


ROTFLMAO!! that is the best thing i’ve heard this year!


yeah ofc you shouldnt use the best paying thing…



The real answer should be along the lines of:

How come last year when both your IBD and Asset Management performed quiet poorly, did you manage to make stupendous amounts of profits? Probable answer, lies within the Securities Division. Often, financial commentators, refer to a “Black Box” within GS. Therefore, you should state that you are interested to learn the secret behind their prop trading and subsequently move into the more lucrative industries like Private Equity or Hedge Funds.

Unfortunately, don’t think it will sit too well with them.