"Why do you want to work at bank X?"


So it is nearly September and therefore the applications are about to open!

I was just looking for some advice on the above question - Why do you want to work for bank X?

What is it they are really looking for here? They are all fully aware students don’t just apply to one firm…
Should I look to input some very specific facts about that firm, such as recent news articles/number of offices etc? or something general, such as their international presence?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


They want to see whether you have bothered to research the firm. Each banks culture/ business model differs from the next. Read through the website and see what differentiates the bank from others out there and mention how you like the banks culture etc.


and meet the people, go to career events to find out more if you don’t know about the industry. Each bank has its own strengths.