Why Deloitte


After accepting my offer from Deloitte I believe I should give back to this forum and so I’ve started this thread where those who’ve accepted offers From Deloitte can express what was unique with their Deloitte Experience as Opposed to the Other Firms; Hopefully this will help other students to approach the “Why Deloitte” Question.

For me Accepting Deloitte’s out of the 2 Offer’s I received; PwC and Deloitte; was easy because of the two Deloitte always got me to the same recruiting officer anytime I called the graduate recruitment center, they were more interested in my name than my application number, and in a way I felt they were personal in their approach to recruitment.

With PwC on the other hand the very first question they always asked was my application number (felt very much like a statistic), always had a different recruitment officer and thus re-explaining any issues all over again (much like calling your bank and being put through to a call center in India).

On the whole my Deloitte experience was very much above that which I had with PwC; and my belief is that “the way a firm treats you at the recruitment stage, will be similar to how they will treat you as an employee”.