Why Baker Tilly but not BIG4 for audit graduate?

Baker Tilly


Hi guys,

Earlier I was employed by one of BIG4 firms as an audit graduate, but then left this job. Now I want to apply for Baker Tilly and I am 100% sure that the first question I will hear at my interviews at Baker Tilly will be: “Why Baker Tilly but not BIG4?”. Anybody has any suggestions for that?


This may seem like a simple answer - but try to be honest! Don’t put down the Big4 firm, but a lot of the time it is obvious when a candidate is not giving an honest answer.

What is the real reason you left the job? Then put a positive spin on it.
In the Big4 firm I got to experience A, B, C… which was interesting and gave me the following skills A, B, C… however I feel that a role at Baker Tilly will build on these skills AND create more opportunities (examples), skills (examples) that I want for a future career in…

I hope this helps! Good luck.