Why audit?


I’ve decided upon applying for audit, and i know my reasons for applying for this service line (think it will give me a good understanding of how businesses work, and a good grounding for an accounting/any type of business career). However, my reasons aren’t necessarily the reasons they are looking for when they ask ‘why audit?’ in applications.

So, what kind answers are they looking for when companies ask ‘Why are you applying to audit?’?

Its one of the most basic questions on each application, so I obviously wouldn’t want to fall at the first hurdle.

Any ideas would be great.


Well I think there would be nothing wrong with saying that you are interesting in how businesses work and that there is no better way to pursue such an interest than by working in audit and doing a job where you verify their books and see all their ins and outs. They will know you are motivated and interested in your job then, which is important because I think alot of people just apply to audit because it seems like a popular choice but they don’t really care much for it.

I think another important point with audit is that most people neglect to see how important audit is in the broader scheme of things - Audit fulfills a very important role in the broader economy as it assures stakeholders such as investors, creditors, regulators etc that a company’s books are actually reflective of the company’s real position. Without the certainty that audit provides for those stakeholders, business, and the wider economy, wouldn’t be able to function effectively.