Why Audit? (picking the pieces up from GT before giving BDO a stab)


Hey all,

I recently had an interview with GT which I was rejected from (currently chasing for feedback). I suspect that it was a case of my knowledge of GT and professional qualifications not being fully up to scratch (a lot of my recent interviews had been for CIMA), alongside possibly coming across as unenthusiastic.

However, one question that had me stumped was “why Audit, and not any of the other areas?”. I had a prepared my stance on the answer saying that with my experiences and backgrounds (I did year placement during university doing Internal Audit for a top supermarket, and some “client” work in AIESEC during uni) alongside my interest in the area (I do enjoy working with companies / people to facilitate success… with experiences in AIESEC, general volunteering), leading to me to wanting to do Audit and that I’d be most successful there.

This answer was prodded at, presumedly for not being sufficient, and maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t really want to go “well I am interested in all areas so I don’t care” or “I’m rubbish at Tax”… my answer does attempt to relate my skills / abilities to the role somewhat but where is it lacking?.. or would you think that keeping it broad would be best?

Sorry for the babble, I’m just looking for feedback on where I can improve ^_^; I’m up to the online tests for BDO and I don’t want to fall down the same traps with them if it’s something fundamental that’s wrong.

  1. I would suggest emphasising your enthusiasm for client interaction. Accountancy firms often look to set themselves apart from each other by providing superior client satisfaction.
  2. I would also talk about how you have an analytical mind - auditors are required to provide opinions on whether financial statements are true and fair representations. This obviously requires going beyond the rudimentary tests which you will no doubt be carrying out as a junior auditor.
  3. Another thing you could talk about is the massive scope of exposure an Auditor gets to business in general. How else can you experience so many different companies, learning their systems and processes inside out…

Hope this helps and good luck!


above is an excellent answer

Also just to add, I would mention you like working in teams and maybe stress the importance of audit/the profession in the wider business/society context.


thanks Chris I think I will add that into my interview tomorrow! :slight_smile: