why accounting?


hi, i have read this forum quite a bit, which helped me while applying for jobs, having attended an assessment centre i know question why anyone would want to do this job?

i mean its boring, long hours, and loads of study to do for the aca. i know after 3 years there will not be the study for the aca, but still the job is dead boring. even the people who work there say that its boring. so i really dont see why so many people are applying, i guess its all those shiny brochures that the companies have, just to make the job look more appealing.


From reading your post it sounds like you already have your answer to this question - you don’t want to do accounting. If you think it’ll be that boring, I suggest you don’t do it. Think about what you really want to do in life and do that instead - this is the question you really need to answer right now.


I would suggest to OP to try the interactive material on PwC, I did the tax one and it confirmed that I really want to be a tax advisor/ACA.

Most people I ask who think it is boring have no idea what the job is about, and say it is what they have heard from “someone” doing the job who claims to be an accountant (=! book keeper)


… what a great topic this is, full of cheery optimism from the OP!

I think that whilst a career in accountancy isn’t going to set the world alight overnight, its a very interesting profession with great future prospects - afterall there’s always a need for accountants… And there’s also perhaps a bit of money to be made at the same time!

There’s many different career paths out there - if accountancy isn’t for you and you’re dreading the prospect of working in the industry, then perhaps you should look elsewhere!