Who's still taking applications for grad schemes then?


Can anyone tell me if there are any half decent grad schemes still taking applicants? I want to work for a fairly large organisation - been there done that as far as working at smaller businesses goes. Qualifications wise, I’ve got a first (BSc, not really accounting related but with very basic business / finance modules in the first year) but my A levels are absolutely shocking, so I’m unlikely to be taken by people who want to see 280 UCAS points to prove you were born super motivated.

And yes, I know it’s very late to be applying for grad jobs, and that the big organisations tend to finish recruiting early. I’d have started sooner, but the grad job I’d been doing since completing my finals disappeared the other week.


By the way, I’m looking for work in industry rather than in practice.



I understand your predicament as I too did not perform nearly as well as possible at A-Level as I was affected by certain circumstances at the time but since then I have worked extremely hard to obtain a First and a Distinction at Master’s level. However, many of the larger firms are not willing to consider me due to UCAS points etc so it can be very frustrating as I am confident I can successfully get through the relevant ACA exams.

Many people have suggested that I try to get in at a relatively smaller firm because they are more likely to see past previous A-Level performance if someone has performed well since then and even if you have to qualify at a small firm, the ACA itself will guarantee some great career prospects in the future so it may be worthwhile to just get in anywhere registered to train graduates etc.




Co-operative in Manchester is still recruiting I think. the qualification you would work towards would be CIMA.

Good luck!