who have worked at the big 4 and ACA exams??


Hi all,

I was wondering why the big 4 recruit over 500 graduates year after year? Is this because they get rid of those graduate trainees who did pass the exam at the end of year 1???


Typically, quite a lot of grads (50% plus) leave once they have qualified (after three years). A lot of people just want the ACA or ACCA qualification and a BIG 4 name on their CV so they can go on to a smaller firm on a large salary, or go into business and work in a different capacity (but with an accountancy qualification they can command a high salary).

Some grads will also fail the exams and leave, whilst others will decide it’s just not for them.

Big 4 firms are a bit of a machine for churning out grads… but then, lots of large graduate employers are.

Also… remember that Big 4 firms are huge. They might each recruit hundreds of graduates, but they may have thousands of employees overall, even just in the UK, or even just in London - they need a lot of new people each year to do the work!