Which Way Forward Pls?


I need you guys to pls suggest to me how i can move forward in my career. I read Chemical Engineering in the University of Port Harcourt but graduated with a third class due to a disability. After a year, i acquired an aid and went back to the same school to do a postgraduate diploma for two years in the same course and graduated with a distinction. Fortunately, i’ve relocated to London with my family and finding a job as a graduate engineer is so so difficult esp as the companies are looking for a 2.1. If i enrol for a masters programme, what chance do i have, with a Nigerian third class background? I love engineering and i’m very good at it, my disability tried to dissuade me but now i’ve got aid and i’m not willing to give up


Hi It sounds like you’ve had a difficult few years so congratulations on getting to where you are now! There is no denying that the position when it comes to getting into a Masters course has become increasingly competitive and the fact that you have a third class degree really isn’t going to help matters, but I don’t think it’s the end of the road. I
One good thing that has happened in recent years is that economic entities are having to look at different ways of approaching getting the best staff into their team. They also realise that this isn’t always down to academic results particularly in more practical industries.
To get onto a masters course I would imagine you will have to do something different to stand out and this is likely to come in the form of experience. I would also personally try and link with tutors in the chosen universities so that you can try and sell yourself before the paper sift which may mean you don’t get a chance to put your case forward. Also have you considered maybe doing a couple of other Open University units to bump up your academics? Just a thought.
Good luck and do keep us posted!


Hi Kechi

Firstly let me add ti the words of Stella and congratulate you for persevering. Whatever the class of degree you have done well.
Now as for a masters I would generally say that having obtained a third class you should think again, but there are extenuating circumstances where you are concerned. I cannot speak for Nigeria but clearly in this country there are rules which state that we must treat all as the same and thus the disability background will be carefully considered by academia as well as business.
You need to make personal approaches to universities with strong engineering faculties such as Loughborough, Hull or Portsmouth and ask for a face to face with the admissions tutor who will end a sympathetic ear. There is no reason you should not continue in a mainstream university given your background but I also support the idea that you may wish to look closely at distance learning. There is very often a very small, even deminimus, rejection rate and you would then be able to study at a pace that may suit you better. This will not segregate you from your fellow students as there are blogs, forums and residential elements, but maybe this would better suit you.
Whatever path you take I wish you well.


Again congratulations from me too. I would also suggest that it may be worth doing a distance learning option which will help you when it comes to dealing with the fear of not fitting in and will give you breathing space to look in more detail at concepts that you have struggled with during the teaching.
With a 3rd I suspect you will have trouble getting onto a masters degree not withstanding the fact that you have done so well to get this far. I’m always of the opinion that the admissions people look at your most recent success and therefore it maybe worth looking at doing a foundation course or something else that you can achieve a good result in and will supplement your current knowledge. This shows that you are up to scratch with your understanding and will also help you going forward.
Good luck and keep us posted!