Which to take?


If you had an offer of working for the following on a 12 month placement, which would you take:

  1. A small but rapidly growing Corporate Restructuring firm based in London, recently had some big cases. Decent salary + potential bonus and you get to sit ACCA exams if you return as a grad.


  1. Ernst & Young, Corporate Tax, get to sit ICAS exams as a grad and big 4 salary.

Any comments will be most appreciated.



E&Y every time.

Job security, better qualification, better looking on CV as a stepping stone.

But I’m a bit confused about how E&Y is an option for a 12 month placement…?


They offer 12 month placements for students on 4 year sandwich degrees.


joyrevision is spot on, E & Y hands down.

Even if you don’t enjoy your time there, you will certainly be more attractive to an employer in the future.

The ICAS qualification is also more prestigious than the ACCA qualification.