which to choose


Hello everyone,

Not long ago I recieved a Big Four offer for their Glasgow office and mid-tier firm offer for their London office. I am totally stuck as to which i want to accept. I know Big Four would be fantastic on my cv, but is it the case that London offices are looked at as being more prestigious? Does the fact that the mid-tier offer is for London balance out the advantage of the Big Four status? I would hate to look back in couple years time and wish I had gone to London. I would also hate to take the mid-tier offer and look back and regret not going for the Big Four, part of me feels like its an opportunity I shouldn’t waste. I liked the feel of the mid-tier better, however I am concerned by reports of staff within these firms being bitter and resentful to those working in Big Four. One grad i met had always intended on working mid-tier, did an internship and was quite dismayed to find that sort of an attitude in the office. They offered him a job but he turned it down to apply to Big Four. I really dont know what to do !!!

Any thoughts?


Go to big4 then transfer to their London office after qualification is one option