Which to choose, big 4 or mid-tier?


Hi all,

I have been fortunate to have offers for audit at Deloitte in Nottingham and for BDO in London. I am finding it extremely difficult to decide which offer I should take. I feel as though that for future job prospects I should take the offer for Deloitte as it is a more prestigious. I also live in the midlands and would be able to commute to work whereas at BDO I would have to relocate to London. However, I think that in a few years I would regret turning down the opportunity to work in London. I highly doubt that I would be able to transfer my offer at Deloitte from Nottingham to London.

Has anyone else been in this situation? Any thoughts of which one I should take?


i was in the exact same situation, Deloitte regional office and BDO London. I wanted the prestige of Big Four but also the opportunity to work in London. I took Deloitte in the end. I know its nearly impossible to transfer in the first three years but figured once qualified if i still feel like i need to experience living and working in London could potentially transfer then. If HR are to be believed, Deloitte regional offices compared to their London office also offer some of the benefits of mid-tier firms which were what attracted me to BDO in the first place (more responsibility earlier etc). I think London can wait for while, i thought it was going to be too much of shame to turn down Big Four! Although everytime ive been ive loved the place i think the novelty of London could wear off quite quickly, im not sure what Nottingham is like but the regional office i picked is still a big city with plenty going on. I really liked BDO as a firm, but it was big four prestige that swayed it for me. I think you just need to go for one or the other, stick with it and think no more about it ! At least you know whichever you choose its a decent job, you cant really go wrong. hopefully!