Which Postgraduate Study to take???


Hi there,

Please advice me which Postgraduate I can pursue here in Dubai… Would it be MBA? MSc Audit (I am not sure if this is even available here in UAE)
I am a CIA with Bachelor in Accounting Degree and currently working here in Dubai, UAE.
I would just like to be more knowledgeable in the field of Auditing and Consultancy.




Most people on this site are in the UK and have UK degrees and therefore are applying to UK jobs…

do you want to work in the UK in Audit for the big 4?

i would suggest you do a Msc in finance because an MBA is for people who have 5 or more years senior managers experience…but to be honest if you want ot work in audit or accountancy/consultancy then you could already get a grad job with your degree


Hi Singhc2

Thanks for the reply… yes that’s my plan to work in UK for the Big 4 after my contract here in Dubai…
So while waiting for the chance to be in UK, maybe I can go for an postgraduate study.



I guess just look around the local universities and find out what courses they offer you. Anything in the business field, but preferably with a good proportion of financial modules.



the link above gives the universities in Dubai…check out on the internet who the best 5 unis are for business in Dubai and try to do your Msc there…

check also if they do a course that has modules which you think will be good to do as part of your course for your future career in audit…