Which MSc would get me to investment banking


I know that there arent any specific majors requires to get into the field of investment banking, advisory or consulting, and many would say that a MBA would be better, but below are my only 3 options and i need some advice:

  1. henley business school - reading MSc international securities, investment and banking.
  2. the university of york - MSc financial engineering
  3. nottingham business scool - msc finance and investment.

Although i understand that financial engineering is for quant roles, ive realized that big IBs and consulting firms love people with quantitative degrees, so would it be better to complete msc in financial engi to catch the interest of recruiters? Or would it limit me to quant roles?


I think, the way the UK works, it is all about the ranking of universities and your grades. For investment, I think that as long as your math is above average and you prove during your degree you can study and get at least a 2:1 or a high merit, in your case, then you should be able to get one foot in the door.


From the three unis you listed, Nottingham is likely to give you decent chances of breaking in.