Which Management Consulting Practices + Deloitte Consulting

The Graduate


Hi all,

I am in something of a predicament and would greatly appreciate any comments that could help me decide where I take my future career.

I have recently been dismissed from the Tax department of PwC in London (having only joined the graduate scheme in September of this year) for failing an ACA exam. As such, I have come to terms with the fact that this career is not for me and so I have begun pursuing opportunities in Management Consulting which I feel is more suited to my skill set.

Accordingly, I have started (albeit late) applications to Consulting practices with Accenture and am looking at the other big 4 and would greatly appreciate advice on any other places to apply.

However, I was looking at Deloitte Human Capital Consulting and realised that I think I would have to pursue the CIMA foundation qualification there (which is something I really don’t want to do as it is similar to the ACA exams that I had to do). Can anyone elaborate on this? Do Deloitte graduate consultants have to pursue the CIMA qualification? Which other top consultancy firms do not require you to take a professional qualification?

Thanks in advance,