Which is better - College of Law or BPP?


To anyone who has been to BPP or College of Law London, which is the better place to:

*Study at?
*Meet people/socialise at?
*To help you get a job?



I am not from Law but I have loads of friends doing Law and BPP is more prestigious than College of Law. That is what I have been told.


I went to have a look, and COL certain has a lot more charisma. BPP was very white and sterile!


Neither one is more prestigious than the other, they both have excellent reputations. The ain difference is their rankings, CoL is excellent and BPP is Very Good. However, I think the main factor in your decision is geographic, where do you want to study, which site is closer to home?

I went to CoL and I loved it. One or two admin problems but the course was very well organised and structured. I have no regrets about this decision.


What is the social side / extracurricular activity like at COL / BPP? I know these are professional institutions and not universities - but are their student groups, for instance? Do people socialise frequently / live with other people on the courses, etc?


Erm, there are sports teams at the CoL but there were no other social groups per se at my site. However, loads of people shared with othe LPCers and the social side was fab!!! It’s more like college than uni. You have a lot more free time thus more time to socialise and everyone takes advantage of that. Thee were lots of informal events eg halloween night out. I had a fantastic year and am almost sad to be working though not sad to be earning!


i went to the college of law in birmingham, it was excellent, whether you are doing the bvc or lpc is irrelevant because there is alot of stuying involved everyday.

In terms of social groups and activities, you have to get in there an establish your friendship groups and take it from there!


How many people go to the [[College of Law]] in London. I heard there are over 1,400 at [[BPP]] Waterloo, just doing the [[GDL]]!